Why You Should Check Your Jewelry

When you wear your jewelry every day, it can be subjected to accidental bumps and bumps, which can damage your jewelry. But when was the last time you took your rings and other items to a jeweler for a professional examination? Let’s look at why jewelry inspections are important and how often they should be done.

How a Jewelry Inspection Works

So, what does a jewelry inspection typically involve? Most of the time, jewelers will check the safety of your items, clean them, and polish them if you wish.

Security checks: Checking the safety of your items is the main reason why you should check your jewelry.

The jeweler will inspect your setting for issues such as worn, bent, or broken prongs.

We will check your gemstone for looseness and if it does, we will tighten it. We will inspect your items for worn and broken parts.

Cleaning: In addition to inspecting your jewelry for damage, a jeweler can also clean your belongings, removing dirt from places you can’t reach in your home.

Cleaning is not only good for the appearance of your jewelry, but it is also good for keeping your jewelry in good condition.

When dirt accumulates in your parts, it causes them to wear out faster due to the extra friction that is created.

Dirt can also hide broken parts of your jewelry, and you may not know there’s a problem until the jewelry is scattered.

Polishing: Once your jewelry has been inspected and cleaned, it can also be polished. This is optional, and you should decide if you need it or not.

Keep in mind that if your jewelry is made of a softer metal like gold or silver, you shouldn’t polish it too often, as this process can wear down the outer layers of the metal.

If your item is plated, polishing removes the plating, and you may need to re-plate the item to restore its coating.

How Often Should I Inspect My Jewelry?

Once a year is definitely the least frequency you should have to check your jewelry.

Of course, it also depends on how often you wear a particular item: items that you rarely wear don’t need to be checked as often.

However, the jewelry you regularly wear should be checked at least two to three times a year.

It’s best to inspect your jewelry after a violent impact: you never know which part of it might bend or break from the impact.

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