What Is the Difference Between a 10 Carat and a 14 Carat Gold Necklace?

If you’re looking to buy a gold necklace, you may find yourself choosing between a 10-carat and a 14-carat necklace. But how should you compare them? Read this article to learn more about the difference between 10K and 14K gold necklaces.

Gold Content: Which Is Purer?

The gold content percentage is one of the main differences between a 10K gold necklace and a 14K gold necklace.

10 carat gold contains 10 parts pure gold and 14 parts other metals like zinc, palladium, copper, tin, etc. In comparison,14-karat gold contains 10 parts of other metals for every 14 parts of gold.

As you can see, 14K gold necklaces have a higher purity of 58.3% gold, while 10K gold necklaces have 41.7% pure gold.

Price per Gram/Oz: Which Is Cheaper?

Since there is more gold per unit weight, a 14K gold chain will cost more per gram per ounce.

If you want a more affordable gold necklace, you can opt for a 10-carat gold necklace, which will be cheaper due to the lower gold content.

Durability: Which Will Last Longer?

While 10K gold is less pure, the higher proportion of other metals actually makes it harder. This is why necklaces made of 10K gold are more durable and last longer than necklaces made of 14K gold.

In contrast, 14K gold is less durable – it contains more gold, which is actually a very soft metal. As a result, a 14-karat gold chain is more likely to scratch and wears out faster than a 10-karat gold chain.

But it’s worth noting that 18K gold is still quite durable compared to 20K or 14K gold.

Gold Tones: Which Color Is Better?

It can be said that the color of a 14K gold necklace will be closer to real gold because there is more metal in the alloy. Some people find that 10K necklaces look whiter and that the yellow hue is not as intense.

It is up to you to decide for yourself whether the two particular chains (one 10 carats and the other 14 carats) really differ in terms of color.

The hue of a gold alloy depends not only on the percentage of gold in it, but also on the type and amount of other metals that are mixed. That’s why you’ll see 10K necklaces with warmer colors as well as others that look the same carat whiter.

It Can Easily Cause Skin Irritation

If low karat gold tends to irritate your skin and cause rashes, then wearing a 10K gold necklace may not be the best idea.

In this case, skin irritation is usually caused by the presence of nickel in the gold alloy, and low-purity alloys containing this metal are simply higher in their concentrations.

If you want to avoid an allergic reaction to nickel, a 14-karat gold necklace would be a better choice.

Keep in mind that if you’re too sensitive to metal, you may need a taller carat gold chain, or a nickel-free gold chain.

How to Choose:10 Carat with 14 Carat Gold Necklace

If you want a necklace that is more durable and at the same time cheaper, and you don’t care too much about how strong the yellow color of the gold is, go for a 10K gold necklace.

If color is more important to you, and you don’t mind paying a higher price for a necklace that contains more gold but may be slightly softer than 10K gold, go for a 14K gold necklace.

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